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Windows Version Released 6th October 2019.

Addition of copy a project.

Enables copy of an entire project or copy of the project without copying the costs.

Windows Version Released 21st July 2019.

iOS Version 1.1 Released 23rd July 2019.

All known issues in previous releases resolved.

Addition of cost delete option.

Windows Version Released 11th June 2019.

iOS Version 1.0 Released 20th June 2019.

Known issues to be fixed in next releases.

On the New Project Page:

If the Add button is clicked before the Project text is entered the Return and Add buttons are made unavailable.

Temporary workaround is to go back to the Main Menu using the back arrow on the top left of the display and then back to the New Project page and enter the Project text before clicking Add.

On the Delete Task Type Page:

Typo in the can't delete message.

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